Taxidermy Rates

Hide Tanning starts at $150    Elk, Bison and Oryx by the square foot.

European Mount Starting Prices

Whitetail Buck  OR SMALL DEER

Basic with hook $150                               Ram’s On Pedestal Only $245

Plaque $170

Pedestal $220

Horns on Plaque $100

ELK & STAG Starts at $225

Bison or Water Buffalo $250

Hogs, Sheep, Rams & Oryx $175 and up

Shoulder Mount Starting Prices

WT or Small Deer Start at $525            Black Bucks $595 and up

WT or Small Deer Wall Pedestal for Shoulder Mount Starts at $675

Hogs Wall Mount Start at $895             Axis $595 and up

Bison or Water Buffalo $1500              Ram’s  Starting at $575 and up

Turkeys Starting Prices                          Duck’s

Fans $175 on Plaque                                                            Flying $450 starting

Strutting $495                                                                        Standing $375

Flying $550


$550 on Log

Full habitat $695

Add $100 for open mouth


Open Mouth $700             With full habitat $800    Log/board included in base price

Closed Mouth $600   With full habitat $700    Log/board included in base price

Price breaks on shoulder mounts starting at $495 for DB Hunting Ranch hunts and in-house DB wild game processing.

*There Will Be a $35 Fee for All Returned Checks*

*Rates are subject to change without notice*